Toyota Key Replacement San Antonio TX

Need Toyota Key Replacement in San Antonio? Call us for quick service.

If you lost your key and desperately need a Toyota key replacement you can call S.A. Locksmith & Security. You will receive a great service for a very reasonable price.

toyota-transponder-keyS.A. Locksmith & Security provides locksmith services in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for many years. We enjoy excellent  reputation and a large client base. Our technicians are highly trained, experienced  and very professional. They are equipped with the most advanced tools and can perform all types of locksmith jobs including key duplication, laser key cuts, transponder key programming, key fob programming and more. You can trust our technicians with all your locksmith needs. After you call our friendly dispatcher, you will receive a call from one of our technician to further discuss the details and the arrival time. We know you will be impressed with the service, the performance of the technician, and the reasonable price.

Calling S.A. Locksmith is a better option that going directly to the dealer. We come to you, so you don't need to tow your car to the dealer, and this way you save time and money. We have all the equipment needed to produce a key for you and the whole process is much quicker, even if the key has a transponder and has to be programmed.

What are Transponder car keys?

Most cars produced after 1977 are equipped with transponder keys. The key has an electronic chip, and when the key turns in the ignition,  it communicates with the engine control unit (ECU).

The ECU sends electronic signals to the key, the electronic chip in the key sends electronic code back to the ECU. If the code is correct, the ECU will allow the immobilizer to disarm,  and the car will start. The chip must be programmed using specialized tools.

toyota-keyTransponder keys do not have a battery, they receive power using a tiny coil inside the key. When the key turn in the ignition to 'on' or 'run' the ignition coil produces a magnetic field which induce energy to the coil of the transponder key. This magnetic energy is rectified and becomes a voltage source for the transponder chip. The coils of the ignition ring and the transponder key also act as antennas, allowing the communication between the two.




Toyota car models Supported by S.A. Locksmith include:

  • Toyota Avalon w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Avalon w/Reg ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Avalon XLS Car Keys
  • Toyota Avalon XL Car Keys
  • Toyota Camry Car Keys
  • Toyota Camry XLE Car Keys
  • Toyota Camry LE Car Keys
  • Toyota Celica Convertible Car Keys
  • Toyota Celica Coupe Car Keys
  • Toyota Celica Liftback Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Liftback Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Sedan Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Hardtop Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Wagon Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla Station Wagon 2WD Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla FX Car Keys
  • Toyota Corolla FX16 Car Keys
  • Toyota Corona Car Keys
  • Toyota Cressida Car Keys
  • Toyota Cressida Sedan Car Keys
  • Toyota Echo Car Keys
  • Toyota FJ Crusier Car Keys
  • Toyota Matrix Car Keys
  • Toyota MR2 Car Keys
  • Toyota MR2 Spider Car Keys
  • Toyota Paseo Car Keys
  • Toyota Prius Car Keys
  • Toyota Prius C w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Prius C w/Regular ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Solara Car Keys
  • Toyota Solara SE Car Keys
  • Toyota Solara SLE Car Keys
  • Toyota Supra Car Keys
  • Toyota Tercel Liftback Car Keys
  • Toyota Tercel Sedan Car Keys
  • Toyota Tercel Station Wagon Car Keys
  • Toyota Venza w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Venza w/Regular Ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Yaris Car Keys

Toyota Trucks models Supported by S.A. Locksmith include:

  • Toyota 4 Runner Car Keys
  • Toyota 4 Runner Ltd. Car Keys
  • Toyota 4 Runner w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota 4 Runner w/Regular Ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Highlander Car Keys
  • Toyota Highlander w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Highlander w/ Regular Ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Car Keys
  • Toyota Previa Van Car Keys
  • Toyota RAV 4 w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota RAV 4 w/Regular Ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota RAV 4 Car Keys
  • Toyota Sequoia Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna w/Prox Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna w/Regular Ignition Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna Van Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna Van CE Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna Van XLE Car Keys
  • Toyota Sienna Van LE Car Keys
  • Toyota Small Pickup Car Keys

Toyota Services Supported by S.A. Locksmith include:

  • Toyota lock repair
  • Toyota lockout service
  • Toyota broken car key
  • Toyota broken ignition key
  • Toyota broken key extraction
  • Toyota car lock replacement
  • Toyota key cutting
  • Toyota key duplication
  • Toyota car key replacement
  • Toyota chip key replacement
  • Toyota chip key reprogramming
  • Toyota key locked in trunk
  • Toyota key-less programming
  • Toyota ignition replacement key
  • Toyota remote key replacement
  • Toyota remote key fob replacement
  • Toyota unlock or open trunk
  • Toyota remote key programming
  • Toyota lost car keys
  • Toyota program transponder keys
  • Toyota pop a lock - open trunks
  • Toyota re-key car locks
  • Toyota re-key ignition
  • Toyota remote control keys
  • Toyota remote key repair
  • Toyota repair / replace ignition
  • Toyota replace worn keys