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S.A. Locksmith & Security specializes in making keys for all BMW cars, including

  • BMW M5 1995 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 1996 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 1997 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 1998 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 1999 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2000 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2001 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2002 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2003 EWS4  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2005 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2006 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2007 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2008 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2009 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2010 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key
  • BMW M5 2011 CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+  Car Key




You can trust our technician to provide you with the best solution for your BMW car key needs.

Our technicians are knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced. S.A. Locksmith & Security is licensed, insured and bonded, Servicing the San Antonio area since 2009.

Our service is quick, professional and very affordable!

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S.A. Locksmith & Security provides keys for all BMW Models!


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