Bentley Key

Bentley Continental 2 doors Sport GT 2007


We are going to program a Bentley key by using the AR32 and the Tango systems.

The EEPROM we are going to program is inside the KESSY module.

As you can see in the photo the Bentley is using a VW KESSY module.

In the two doors Bentley Continental Sport GT the KESSY module is located under the carpet AT the driver side, not far from the pedals; you can feel it with your hand, you will feel a bump underneath the carpet.

To access the KESSY module, you need to remove the 4 bolts which are holding the driver’s seat. There are two bolts in the front and two bolts in the back. You do not remove the seat completely; there are several wire-harnesses connected at the bottom of the seat, so you want to be careful not to damage them. Just move the seat gently so you have enough room to remove the KESSY module from underneath the carpet.

Once you remove the KESSY module, locate the EEPROM. It is a 93C86, 8 pin chip located close to the largest chip, the microprocessor as seen in the following image:


The 93C86can be configured as 8 bit or 16 bit. Checking with an Ohm-Meter for a short between pins 5 and 6 of the chip can tell us how the chip is configured. If there is a short between pins 5 and 6 of the chip it is configured as 8 Bit. In our case, there was a short between pins 5 and 6 so the chip was configured as 8 bit.

Some recommend removing the chip completely from the board.  However, if you short the crystal, you should be able to read and program the chip in-circuit, without removing it from the board. We have confirmed it with the designer of the AR32.

If you are reading and programming the chip in circuit make sure to do the following:

  • Short the Crystal by soldering a wire across the 2 legs of the Crystal
  • Select device 93C86-8Bit from the AR32 library and press INS key (Insert).

If you are reading the device out of circuit select the device 93C86, not the 93C86-8Bit

Make sure all the switches are in the correct positions as shown on the computer display.

Once the file is saved (make sure you add the .bin extension) use the Tango to read the file.

Select the Bentley car from the Tango and load the bin file you read with the AR32.

If the Tango is able to read the bin file it means the file is good. If for any reason the file was not read correctly the Tango will display an error message saying it did not recognized the file.

After the Tango reads the bin file, select a key number (such as 3) place a transponder key inside the Tango slot and press W to write the file into the key (programming it). The Tango creates a new bin file and will ask to save the new bin file with a different name.

Now load the new bin file into the AR32 and write the new bin file back into the EEPROM. Place the KESSY module back in the car and start the car.

Programming 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock

Programming CL600 Code Mechanical Lock

Sam here again to show you how to program 600 Series Code Mechanical Lock!

The 600 series are heavy duty locks which allow on door code change.

Traditionally changing the code on mechanical locks required the lock to be removed from the door, but the CL600 allows changing the code without removing the lock from the door.

The CL600 lock is perfect for commercial applications such as  hospitals, schools and local authorities.

S.A. Locksmith & Security based in San Antonio, Texas can install and maintain the lock for your commercial locksmith needs.

Here are some specifications, as described by the manufacturer:

  • Heavy duty Codelock
  • Unique on door code change in seconds
  • Front cylinder change
  • High number of code combinations – over 8000
  • Full size lever handles
  • Code free option available
  • Mortice lock and mortice latch functions
  • PVD weather resistant, low maintenance finish
  • Back to Back available – provides coded access in both directions
  • Panic Kit options available – extra long spindle provided to work with most single point panic pads or bars
  • Lever handle or knob handle available on brushed steel finish
  • Tested to Grade 2- ANSI – A156.2
  • Codelocks Fire Kits can be fitted to latch locks

Parking Safely in Public

Parking Safely in Public

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White-van-2-with-sign-2-extractedFor a big city like San Antonio security should always be on your mind when doing anything- and parking is no exception. When leaving your car unattended there are always risks to look out for. This is why parking safely in public is essential.

When parking your car there are several things to keep in mind so you can feel at ease. Typically you want to avoid attention from car thieves at all times. You want to detract anything that highlights your car.

Safe Parking- Illumination

Parking safely in public areas try and find a parking spot that is lit up. Park under a street lamp or next to a lit up building to increase your chances of thwarting a car thief.
The minute a thief sees your car is lit up like the empire state
building he’ll most likely move onto a car parked in darkness.

Safe Parking- Away from exits

When parking in garages or parking lots make an effort to part as far away from the exit/entrance as possible.
Normally a car thief will try to go for a car closest to the exit for the quickest escape. A car parked next to the exit is very attractive to a car thief.
For safe parking make sure to park as far away as you can from the exit. When a thief sees your car he’ll count it as too much work and too high of a risk, and most likely move on.

Safe Parking- Camouflage

Another good tip for parking safely in public is to try parking between a group of cars. A car on its own stands out to a car thief so by parking between a group of cars you can camouflage your vehicle.
A car parked alone will cause a car thief to put his direct attention towards it.

Stop Losing Your Car Keys- S.A. Locksmith and Security

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It’s an issue some of us face every morning before work. You get dressed, eat your breakfast and head for your door- only to realize you’ve lost something. What’s that? Oh that’s right, your keys. Sound familiar? Being more organized is one obvious solution, but for some of us that’s asking a lot.

How to stop losing your car keys?

Designate only one area for your keys- When we toss our keys on the table, and the bed, and the kitchen counter, etc. it gets way too confusing when trying to locate them. With so many possible spots they could be hiding in you could find yourself searching for hours. By designating one area- a hook by your door or on a bookshelf in the living room- you eliminate countless amounts of possible hiding spots, limiting your search time.

Remembering- It can be easy for some to forget to put their keys away immediately as they enter their home- even locksmiths. Keys can end up remaining in your pockets for some time before you finally put them away. Place an eye-catching colored bowl by your front door- within your immediate line of sight. Hopefully, the color will attract you and remind you to place your keys in the bowl AS SOON AS you enter your home.

Purchasing a key ringer- A useful gadget when trying to locate a lost set of keys. A key ringer rings (duh) allowing you to find it with your ears. They aren’t expensive and are extremely clutch in a rush, much faster than calling a locksmith. This is another effortless way to keep track of your beloved key-ring.

With these easy tips you can spend less days searching for your lost car keys and more days being on time for work. Of course if you need a new copy of the lost key give S.A. Locksmith and Security a call. If you liked these helpful tips wont you give this post a like, and maybe comment with some of your own tips? I’d be more than happy to read what you got.

S.A. Locksmith & Security: Car Lockout

S.A. Locksmith & Security: Car Lockout

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If there’s one thing to worry about here in San Antonio it’s the heat. With the strong possibility of heat stroke staying cool is a top priority.
In the event that you experience a car lockout it is important you have someone in mind that you can call for help. With this heat a car lockout is a real emergency and you need people to respond accordingly.
This is why you need to call us at S.A. Locksmith & Security for all of your locksmith needs! We can arrive out to you in less than 25 minutes- even sooner if the day is especially hot.
S.A. Locksmith & Security
When you call us at S.A. Locksmith & Security for a car lockout you will receive only professional and prompt services. We can send out a locksmith to you wherever you are, and in a matter of minutes you will be on your way again!
Standing out in the heat for a long period of time can be fatal, especially during a car lockout- be prepared and have a locksmith in mind before you are in urgent need of one! This can save your life!
For any emergency, save our number so you can be prepared!

Call us now at (210) 348-3677 to speak with a San Antonio locksmith professional.

S.A. Locksmith and Security- When to Replace Locks

S.A. Locksmith and Security – When to replace old locks:

As a working locksmith in San Antonio I have seen firsthand how old and damaged locks have contributed to the success of break-ins.

When it’s time for a king to defend his castle do you think he goes with old locks? Of course not, he goes for new locks that actually work. Locks, like other things, eventually wear out and need replacing. It is important to know when that comes so you can be prepared for any burglar attempt.

Throughout my years as a San Antonio Locksmith I have been asked a lot how you can tell when the locks are not usable anymore, below are a few pointers to help you better make that decision.
Rusted Locks
Any locksmith will tell you that rusted locks are an indication that it’s time for a new lock. Rusted locks can be much easier to pick than new ones and rusted old locks can send a message to intruders that our security is weak.

If you feel struggle when you insert the key into the lock then you should also get that replaced before your key breaks inside and you’re forced to call a San Antonio locksmith.

After a Recent Break-in

Make sure to inspect all your locks for possible damage. I always tell my customers that damaged locks are not suitable to defend your home- and NEED to be handled.
You should also contact your San Antonio locksmith after a break-in so he can assess your property and its safety.

Your locks don’t necessarily have to be broken for this tip, but however still applies.

If your keys have been lost, stolen, or you’ve accidentally misplaced them, then it may be a good time to change your locks. Your locks become compromised when the keys that unlock them are in other people’s hands.
Call your locksmith in San Antonio to assist you with a re-key. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping up to date with your home’s security will give you the best chance at keeping your property safe. Old and rusted locks simply aren’t enough to be able to promise that.
By staying in the loop you can greatly improve your chance at safety. When security is on your mind call a San Antonio locksmith to help ease your mind today.

2014 Grand Cherokee Key Programming

These lovely people needed a new key and lock for their Grand Cherokee, so they called S.A. Locksmith & Security, and well, we think the video speaks for itself! Just listen to the happiness from our customers!
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S.A. Locksmith San Antonio

Acura RL ’97 New Car Key Customer Review

These men needed service for their Acura and required a locksmith. Luckily, they chose S.A. Locksmith & Security for the job any where in san Antonio, and they couldn’t be happier! Just listen for yourself!

S.A. Locksmith is your #1 choice for all locksmith jobs- residential, commercial, and of course, automotive! We have trained locksmiths, patient dispatchers and guaranteed products every time! Call us today!
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