Electric Strike

This is an access control device, with mechanism containing a motor or a solenoid. When current flows through the motor or the solenoid, it retracts and dis-engages from the strike plate. Typically, an access control relay which is N.O. (Normally Open)  controls an electric strike. When the relay is in the 'open' state, there is no current flow, therefore the door closes.

However, when the relay becomes active, the N.O. tab closes, causes a current flow through the solenoid, it activates the Solenoid, and the door opens.

In summary, this lock opens and closes a door by applying or removing current from the lock.

There are many types of electric strike devices on the market and it is not difficult to change the direction of the lock. Therefore you can mount it on the left side of the door, or on the right side of the door.

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electric strike image

Electric Strike

electric strike inside image

Electric Strike mechanism