Gate Openers & Tele-Entry System installation



The scope of the project was to replace the two old slide gate openers and the Telephone Entry System.

In addition, in the old system there was no phone line connection, so residents could not open the gates remotely using their phone. Also, there was a need to program the Tele Entry system from the office inside the building, so there was a need to establish communication between the Tele-Entry system and the office which was about 750 feet away.

The distance from the Tele-Entry system to the gates was about 150 feet. Therefore, we installed new wiring between the Tele-Entry system and the gate control panels of the motors.

We installed the long wires inside conduits and placed them under ground. In order to protect the wires from moisture and rain, we use the more expensive ‘Direct Burial’ cable. We used CAT5E and also, additional heavier wires for power and ground.


Gate Opener

The Slide Gate looking out


One of the old gate motors was mounted on a concrete slab that was not completely leveled. In order to correct it, we needed to cut the mounting screws and move the gate motor a few inches to eliminate stress on the pulleys.

repairing slab for Gate Opener

Repairing the slab mounting screws for slide gate opener

Now the slide gate opener is straight


Slide Gate Opener Loop Detectors

The old units had 3 external loop detectors which were in very bad physical condition, so we replaced them with a ‘plug-in’ modules, recommended by the manufacturer, Lift Master.


Old loop detector for slide gate motor – was replaced!

Slide Gate Opener Tele-Entry System


LINEAR model AE1000Plus


The Tele-Entry system we installed was AE1000plus, made by Linear, now Nortek Security & Control.

The Tele-Entry AE1000plus includes a keypad, a card reader input and a receiver. After programming the system, a resident can open the gate in several ways:

A.      Entering a code using a keypad.

B.      Placing a programmed proximity card or a fob close to the reader.

C.      Using a programmed transmitter key fob from a distance.


Tele Entry and slide Gate openers installed

Tele-Entry and slide Gate openers installed