Precise Hardware Cutout by S.A. Locksmith & Security

S.A. Locksmith& Security professionals have the expertise to install hardware on doors made of wood or aluminum that require accurate cutouts.

An example for such a job could be the  installation of new locks in a Gym facility in San Antonio, Texas.

The Original Locks:

The original locks in the gym were very easy to break and facilitated unlawful entry. All that was needed to break the lock was to apply a slight impact on the side face of the lock. Criminals were well aware of the absence of security cameras in the area, and took full advantage of it.




Photo of a broken gym locker lock


Photo of a broken gym locker lock

The New Locks:

S.A. Locksmith & Security offered a solution which not only saved the Gym management money directly in not having to replace broken locks on a regular basis, but also lowered their potential liabilities and, very importantly, enhanced their on-going customer satisfaction.

We introduced a mechanical heavy duty lock that was perfect for the the task: Since it was not electronic, it required no batteries and no wiring.  This lock allowed each user to choose a personal identification code, which could be changed at random, so the next user could choose his own combination. In order to install the locks, precise cutouts had to be performed. Using a custom made tool, these cutouts were done quickly and reduced the time and the cost to the customer.

These locks were user friendly, and easy to maintain. The management received a master key which could unlock all the lockers in the building, avoiding the need to break open the locker on change of user, or if the user forgot his combination. The need to call out a locksmith to break in to lockers and create new keys, a relatively expensive service, was eliminated, and there was no locker ‘down time’ while awaiting locksmith services, thus reducing the locker inventory necessary.


Photo of a new cutout and a new lock installed

Using specially design custom tools, S.A. Locksmith & Security was able to perform the cutouts and install the new locks on 256 doors.

The job was done over 3 nights and was completed to the full satisfaction of the Gym management.