Maglock is a large electro-magnetic lock together with a strike plate. When current is flowing through the electromagnet the magnet attracts the strike plate and locks the door. When the current flow stops, the electro-magnet is no longer a magnet and the door unlocks.

The electromagnet connects to a N.C (Normally Close) relay tab providing 12V or 24V to the coil of the MagLock. So there is a constant flow of current through the electromagnet, which cause the door to lock. However, when the relay is activated the N.C. tab opens, the current flow through the electromagnet stops, which cause the door to open.

There are several sizes of magnetic locks: 300 LB, 600 LB, 1200 LB, 1500 LB. For example, the 1500 LB magnetic lock will require 1500 pounds of force to force the door open while the magnet is active.


Maglock and Strike Plate

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