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It’s an issue some of us face every morning before work. You get dressed, eat your breakfast and head for your door- only to realize you’ve lost something. What’s that? Oh that’s right, your keys. Sound familiar? Being more organized is one obvious solution, but for some of us that’s asking a lot.

How to stop losing your car keys?

Designate only one area for your keys- When we toss our keys on the table, and the bed, and the kitchen counter, etc. it gets way too confusing when trying to locate them. With so many possible spots they could be hiding in you could find yourself searching for hours. By designating one area- a hook by your door or on a bookshelf in the living room- you eliminate countless amounts of possible hiding spots, limiting your search time.

Remembering- It can be easy for some to forget to put their keys away immediately as they enter their home- even locksmiths. Keys can end up remaining in your pockets for some time before you finally put them away. Place an eye-catching colored bowl by your front door- within your immediate line of sight. Hopefully, the color will attract you and remind you to place your keys in the bowl AS SOON AS you enter your home.

Purchasing a key ringer- A useful gadget when trying to locate a lost set of keys. A key ringer rings (duh) allowing you to find it with your ears. They aren’t expensive and are extremely clutch in a rush, much faster than calling a locksmith. This is another effortless way to keep track of your beloved key-ring.

With these easy tips you can spend less days searching for your lost car keys and more days being on time for work. Of course if you need a new copy of the lost key give S.A. Locksmith and Security a call. If you liked these helpful tips wont you give this post a like, and maybe comment with some of your own tips? I’d be more than happy to read what you got.

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