Access Control Downtown San Antonio

The scope of work was very different from many other jobs we were asked to perform.

In this case, it was an historic building and the owner wanted to preserve the looks and character of the grounds as much as possible.

All the existing gates operated manually and our task was to add automatic openers (to the vehicular gates), wireless keypads, and a central access control system.

Normally, when we build and install sliding gate or swing gate, we place exit loops, shadow loops and interrupt (reverse) loops, under the ground. But in this case, the owner preferred to not dig under the stone-paved estate. So, we had to be creative!


Virtual loop placed on a short pole

The solution for the vehicular gate loops was to use virtual loops, placed on a short pole above ground.

Since the short poles were placed at the sides of the gates, by some plants and vegetation, they actually blended with the greenery and did not distract much the original view.

Another challenge we faced was a double pedestrian gate that had to be opened during the day, but had to close and lock automatically at a certain time in the evening. Normally it would be a simple task, but in this case, there was no automatic motor, and the small gates had be opened and closed by hand. So the challenge was how to close and lock an opened gate after hours, when closing it has to be done by hand? The requirement was to have the gate close automatically, without a human intervention.

So again, we had to be very creative and think out of the box!

On the above double pedestrian gates mentioned earlier, we came up with a unique solution:

The first person arriving at the premises opened the small manual double-gates. Once the gate was fully opened, a magnetic latch mounted on the wall kept it opened. After hours, the access control system which also controlled that magnetic latch, cut-off the power to the magnetic latch and the door automatically closed (by means of a special mechanical spring), and got latched into the electric strike plate. In the morning, the electric strike automatically became dis-engaged by the programmed access control system, allowing the gate to be opened manually, and stay open by the now engaged magnetic lock mounted on the wall.









One of the several gates on the premises