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TOYOTA 4Runner 1999



Does 1999 4Runner have a transponder key?

Toyota 4runner 1998-2000 comes with optional transponder. It means that some of those vehicles come with ‫anti theft transponder system and some come  without.  For the mechanical key you'll be able to find the key code stamped on the passenger door lock. In order to remove this lock you will need to take out the door panel off. Other professional ways are simply to get a code from the dealer by using your Vin # or to use a lock reader like Lishi tool or EZ reader.

Once you cut the mechanical key make sure it is turning the ignition, if it does and also starts the car - great! you are done . If the key turns but does not start the car - congratulation!!! You have an anti theft transponder system and you will have to program the key to the car.


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